Do you color with your boyfriends?

Charlotte was coloring, completing some coloring challenge (yes, she’s addicted to youtube kids) and telling her dad how she loves to color and she really loves to color with her girlfriends.  Daddy, do you color with your boyfriends?  Of course my husband and I just cracked up.  But when did that stop?  We adults need a creative outlet too!  So I’m upping my game by fully committing myself to the 100 day crafting challenge.  I’m on Day 9 and pretty impressed by myself.  LOL.  But I do love finding something to create, even if small.  So I’m going to commit myself to writing on this blog once a day, too.  However short it may be.

My daughter is also trying to get my husband to have some playdates with her friends’ daddies.  We all need good times with friends, right?  So it starts out with her hanging out with a friend or two.  Do you want to have a playdate with my daddy?  (Obligatory yes) Ok, you just need to bring your computer with you.  LOL.

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