Back to School

Where does the time go!  Charlotte is in her last year at pre-school.  So it’s going to be the first year that I’ll do a stat board.  I’ve already made a My Name is shirt with her name written in her own handwriting.  Luckily all the teachers on campus already know her name, but next year when we start a new school it’ll be helpful for her new teacher to learn her name.

Tip:  Use a marker to get the handwriting sample. It will naturally be rounder and it’ll be easier to cut on the Cricut.  You always have the option of using something like InkScape to  make it more cut-friendly without the jagged edges, but you’re going to lose the integrity of their actual writing.  Slippery slope!  So you’ll upload using the app on your phone.

Upload to Cricut (using an iPhone):

  • From the Home screen, click on New Project
  • Click Upload, choose Select from Photo Library, and select your picture of the handwritten name
  • Crop out everything but the name
  • Use Remove to get rid of the background
  • Click Next
  • Optional step:  click on Smooth.  This will fatten up the strokes.  If you didn’t use a marker, I would recommend this.
  • Click Next and save as Cut Image (if you don’t have this option, then you did not clean up your upload enough and the app is telling you that it has to be a Print Then Cut.

Here’s my mini =) I’m prob around 6 in this picture since Uncle Khang is there but  my two front teeth aren’t there.


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