Coloring Challenge

So I didn’t know this was a thing, but apparently coloring challenges are a big deal.  LOL.  You agree on a page to color, take turns picking markers with your eyes closed (3 to 5 markers), then you have 10 minutes (but in our case it took 30 minutes) to color, and then you pick a winner.  Insert lots of groans and snickers as the colors are revealed.  LOL.

My daughter was in heaven for 30 minutes and trash talking the entire time how I didn’t even finish coloring the unicorn horn yet and the cake wasn’t colored.  We both had a blast sitting side-by-side coloring.  COVID 19 sucks, but the quarantine has created a lot of memories.  And if you ask my daughter, this one coloring challenge is pretty high up there with learning how to ride a bike and skateboard.  #quarantinelifeskills #quarantinememories


  • Creative Fabrica for the free coloring page (lots of other fun activities available)
  • Markers
  • Phone for timer


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