Cricut Tip – Creating an Offset

You’ve probably noticed by now that you cannot create an offset within Design Space.  So there’s an easy way and a more resistant way to get the offset.  LOL.  And I say resistant because it took me about 2 years before I finally made myself learn it using InkScape.


Ok, there are 3 fonts that have an offset:

  • Varsity (available as part of the Cricut fonts) – it’s great for all sports-related projects.  But other than that, you’re very limited with the font.
  • (totally a safe and legit free site to download from)
    • Mister Clown
    • Feelin’ Sweet Extrude


You have to buck up and learn how to use InkScape.   Literally it’s the only thing I can do in InkScape, but it’s soooo worth it.  Your projects are going to look amazing.  Check out the video here .

Look at the difference an offset makes – one, double, and triple layer.  The triple layer is perfect for banners and cake toppers.  The double layer is great for personalizing tumblers, lockers, stickers, etc.

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