Cricut Tip – Which mat to use?

So officially, Cricut has 4 mats:

  • Pink – FabricGrip Mat
  • Blue – LightGrip Mat
  • Green – StandardGrip Mat
  • Purple – StrongGrip Mat

However, I only use the green mat… no matter which material I’m cutting.  I buy it in bulk from the Cricut website.  It comes in a bundle of 25 mats, which is really 50 mats since it’s 12×24.  With all the discounts, it comes out to $85.14… $3.40 per mat (or really $1.70 per 12×12 mat).

After quite a bit of using, the green mat becomes less sticky.  This I call the Blue Mat phase.  =)  If I need it to be stickier, I put on the Strong Grip Transfer tape (sticky side up) and it becomes the Purple mat (which I think can be called the Pink Mat phase as well).  Once it’s completely useless (and that’s never a bad thing LOL), I use the mat for templates.  One really good example would be for making big flowers … so the mat can be used for many petal templates.

So………………… was I able to convince you?  LOL.

Thank you for your continued support by using my affiliate link – .  This allows me to provide free YouTube tutorials and posts like this one.  IMG_8246


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