Cricut Tip – Taking your project off the Cricut mat

Tired of peeling your project off the mat and it looks like a fruit roll-up?  Ha.  Let’s fix it for sure!

So stick your spatula tool (yes, I love this tool and it’s worth the buy.  I’ve only bought a non-cricut brand once and found that it wasn’t sharp enough.  It wasn’t able to get underneath the paper without ruining the edges.) under the project and un-stick it from the mat.  Basically shimmy that spatula and loosen up your project from the mat.  NEVER pull the paper over at an angle.  This will cause it to curl up big time!!!  Ok, once it’s as un-stuck as possible, get your fingers under the project and try to lift it off parallel to the mat.  Voila!  Perfectly flat, right?!  Here’s the video  and pictures from Instagram.

Font: @creativefabrica Floristya (purchase includes commercial use!! Please use link and if you’re purchasing a subscription use code THEUSELESSCRAFTER30 for 30% off).


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