Creative Fabrica – my latest obsession

I recently became an affiliate with Creative Fabrica and have been loving it!  I know that no one wants to add yet another paid membership to their list, but I have some compelling reasons.  =)

  • FONTS, FONTS, FONTS – there are so many beautiful fonts to use.  And they all come with the rights for commercial use!  I used to have a Google document to keep track of all my fonts (commercial use or not, script or print, etc.).  But now, I use Creative Fabrica fonts exclusively and don’t need to keep track.
  • Images – so many files to choose from!  And the website is great as a search engine.  While I will buy from Etsy, it drives me insane that I need to download all my images and then upload each one at that instant.  Well you know what happens if I don’t do it at that instant, I can’t keep track of it.
  • FontCloud – it will allow you to store all your fonts there and you can type in a word or phrase to see what it looks like with all your stored fonts
  • Subscription – if you choose to go with the subscription route, please use my code THEUSELESS30 for 30% off;  if you want to just buy as you go along, I still appreciate your support by using my link.


Some favorites of mine:


Floristya Font– font below for the name Sadie

Desyanti Script



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