Cricut Tip – Layering Cardstock

There are a few things to make that perfect cake topper:

  1. Layers – There is one background layer that other pieces will be added on.  This backgound layer is to make sure the cake topper is stable.  Each layer that is added on will give the cake topper a more complete (aka expensive, designer) look.  To add depth, you can create glue dots with a glue gun.  Once it’s dry, then add another bit of glue to stick it onto the cake topper.
  2. Cardstock – colors and textures will really add a pop to the cake topper.  Make sure to mix the texture (for example do not stack glitter on glitter, instead alternate – glitter, non-glitter, glitter, metallic).  This will allow the colors to stand out.
  3. Colors – sometimes it’s trial and error.  Unfortunately I don’t have any hard fast rules here.  And it really depends on the theme and the look/feel you’re going for.
  4. Print and Cut – this is a great feature to add to the mix and use for characters.

Here are some videos to walk you through the process:

Cake Topper Shaker –

Design Space Tutorial to create a cake topper –

Cake Topper –


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