Creative Fabrica FontCloud

I don’t know why it took me so long to start using FontCloud.  I guess that’s everything these days.  LOL.  Let’s start with the big reasons why you should use it:

  • View all your fonts in a single overview.  For example, I can type in Charlotte and see how it looks with all the fonts that I have saved in FontCloud.  This should help reduce the time in finding the perfect font for your project.
  • Notice how saved is in italics in the above bullet point – this is a seriously huge point.  If you get a new laptop, you can just login to FontCloud and download all your favorite fonts again just by clicking on it.  MIND BLOWN!  And you don’t have to download everything.  As you’re working on a project and you use the overview feature, you can download the font as you use them.
  • It’s free! (BUT please use my link to open your account– it helps to support my video tutorials and blogs)
  • You can view all glyphs and characters and copy/paste.
  • You can access FontCloud from any computer!  You just go to Creative Fabrica and login.  From the homepage, select Tools and then FontCloud.





fontcloud snip

Cricut Tip – Layering Cardstock

There are a few things to make that perfect cake topper:

  1. Layers – There is one background layer that other pieces will be added on.  This backgound layer is to make sure the cake topper is stable.  Each layer that is added on will give the cake topper a more complete (aka expensive, designer) look.  To add depth, you can create glue dots with a glue gun.  Once it’s dry, then add another bit of glue to stick it onto the cake topper.
  2. Cardstock – colors and textures will really add a pop to the cake topper.  Make sure to mix the texture (for example do not stack glitter on glitter, instead alternate – glitter, non-glitter, glitter, metallic).  This will allow the colors to stand out.
  3. Colors – sometimes it’s trial and error.  Unfortunately I don’t have any hard fast rules here.  And it really depends on the theme and the look/feel you’re going for.
  4. Print and Cut – this is a great feature to add to the mix and use for characters.

Here are some videos to walk you through the process:

Cake Topper Shaker –

Design Space Tutorial to create a cake topper –

Cake Topper –


Creative Fabrica – my latest obsession

I recently became an affiliate with Creative Fabrica and have been loving it!  I know that no one wants to add yet another paid membership to their list, but I have some compelling reasons.  =)

  • FONTS, FONTS, FONTS – there are so many beautiful fonts to use.  And they all come with the rights for commercial use!  I used to have a Google document to keep track of all my fonts (commercial use or not, script or print, etc.).  But now, I use Creative Fabrica fonts exclusively and don’t need to keep track.
  • Images – so many files to choose from!  And the website is great as a search engine.  While I will buy from Etsy, it drives me insane that I need to download all my images and then upload each one at that instant.  Well you know what happens if I don’t do it at that instant, I can’t keep track of it.
  • FontCloud – it will allow you to store all your fonts there and you can type in a word or phrase to see what it looks like with all your stored fonts
  • Subscription – if you choose to go with the subscription route, please use my code THEUSELESS30 for 30% off;  if you want to just buy as you go along, I still appreciate your support by using my link.


Some favorites of mine:


Floristya Font– font below for the name Sadie

Desyanti Script



Cricut Tip – Taking your project off the Cricut mat

Tired of peeling your project off the mat and it looks like a fruit roll-up?  Ha.  Let’s fix it for sure!

So stick your spatula tool (yes, I love this tool and it’s worth the buy.  I’ve only bought a non-cricut brand once and found that it wasn’t sharp enough.  It wasn’t able to get underneath the paper without ruining the edges.) under the project and un-stick it from the mat.  Basically shimmy that spatula and loosen up your project from the mat.  NEVER pull the paper over at an angle.  This will cause it to curl up big time!!!  Ok, once it’s as un-stuck as possible, get your fingers under the project and try to lift it off parallel to the mat.  Voila!  Perfectly flat, right?!  Here’s the video  and pictures from Instagram.

Font: @creativefabrica Floristya (purchase includes commercial use!! Please use link and if you’re purchasing a subscription use code THEUSELESSCRAFTER30 for 30% off).


Cricut Tip – Which mat to use?

So officially, Cricut has 4 mats:

  • Pink – FabricGrip Mat
  • Blue – LightGrip Mat
  • Green – StandardGrip Mat
  • Purple – StrongGrip Mat

However, I only use the green mat… no matter which material I’m cutting.  I buy it in bulk from the Cricut website.  It comes in a bundle of 25 mats, which is really 50 mats since it’s 12×24.  With all the discounts, it comes out to $85.14… $3.40 per mat (or really $1.70 per 12×12 mat).

After quite a bit of using, the green mat becomes less sticky.  This I call the Blue Mat phase.  =)  If I need it to be stickier, I put on the Strong Grip Transfer tape (sticky side up) and it becomes the Purple mat (which I think can be called the Pink Mat phase as well).  Once it’s completely useless (and that’s never a bad thing LOL), I use the mat for templates.  One really good example would be for making big flowers … so the mat can be used for many petal templates.

So………………… was I able to convince you?  LOL.

Thank you for your continued support by using my affiliate link – .  This allows me to provide free YouTube tutorials and posts like this one.  IMG_8246


Cricut Tip – Creating an Offset

You’ve probably noticed by now that you cannot create an offset within Design Space.  So there’s an easy way and a more resistant way to get the offset.  LOL.  And I say resistant because it took me about 2 years before I finally made myself learn it using InkScape.


Ok, there are 3 fonts that have an offset:

  • Varsity (available as part of the Cricut fonts) – it’s great for all sports-related projects.  But other than that, you’re very limited with the font.
  • (totally a safe and legit free site to download from)
    • Mister Clown
    • Feelin’ Sweet Extrude


You have to buck up and learn how to use InkScape.   Literally it’s the only thing I can do in InkScape, but it’s soooo worth it.  Your projects are going to look amazing.  Check out the video here .

Look at the difference an offset makes – one, double, and triple layer.  The triple layer is perfect for banners and cake toppers.  The double layer is great for personalizing tumblers, lockers, stickers, etc.

Coloring Challenge

So I didn’t know this was a thing, but apparently coloring challenges are a big deal.  LOL.  You agree on a page to color, take turns picking markers with your eyes closed (3 to 5 markers), then you have 10 minutes (but in our case it took 30 minutes) to color, and then you pick a winner.  Insert lots of groans and snickers as the colors are revealed.  LOL.

My daughter was in heaven for 30 minutes and trash talking the entire time how I didn’t even finish coloring the unicorn horn yet and the cake wasn’t colored.  We both had a blast sitting side-by-side coloring.  COVID 19 sucks, but the quarantine has created a lot of memories.  And if you ask my daughter, this one coloring challenge is pretty high up there with learning how to ride a bike and skateboard.  #quarantinelifeskills #quarantinememories


  • Creative Fabrica for the free coloring page (lots of other fun activities available)
  • Markers
  • Phone for timer


Back to School

Where does the time go!  Charlotte is in her last year at pre-school.  So it’s going to be the first year that I’ll do a stat board.  I’ve already made a My Name is shirt with her name written in her own handwriting.  Luckily all the teachers on campus already know her name, but next year when we start a new school it’ll be helpful for her new teacher to learn her name.

Tip:  Use a marker to get the handwriting sample. It will naturally be rounder and it’ll be easier to cut on the Cricut.  You always have the option of using something like InkScape to  make it more cut-friendly without the jagged edges, but you’re going to lose the integrity of their actual writing.  Slippery slope!  So you’ll upload using the app on your phone.

Upload to Cricut (using an iPhone):

  • From the Home screen, click on New Project
  • Click Upload, choose Select from Photo Library, and select your picture of the handwritten name
  • Crop out everything but the name
  • Use Remove to get rid of the background
  • Click Next
  • Optional step:  click on Smooth.  This will fatten up the strokes.  If you didn’t use a marker, I would recommend this.
  • Click Next and save as Cut Image (if you don’t have this option, then you did not clean up your upload enough and the app is telling you that it has to be a Print Then Cut.

Here’s my mini =) I’m prob around 6 in this picture since Uncle Khang is there but  my two front teeth aren’t there.


Do you color with your boyfriends?

Charlotte was coloring, completing some coloring challenge (yes, she’s addicted to youtube kids) and telling her dad how she loves to color and she really loves to color with her girlfriends.  Daddy, do you color with your boyfriends?  Of course my husband and I just cracked up.  But when did that stop?  We adults need a creative outlet too!  So I’m upping my game by fully committing myself to the 100 day crafting challenge.  I’m on Day 9 and pretty impressed by myself.  LOL.  But I do love finding something to create, even if small.  So I’m going to commit myself to writing on this blog once a day, too.  However short it may be.

My daughter is also trying to get my husband to have some playdates with her friends’ daddies.  We all need good times with friends, right?  So it starts out with her hanging out with a friend or two.  Do you want to have a playdate with my daddy?  (Obligatory yes) Ok, you just need to bring your computer with you.  LOL.