Pom Obsessed

We are still pretty pom pom obsessed.  Charlotte can make her own poms (about 75% of it and can see the fruits of her labor).   I’m working on a pom scarf and a pom wall decor piece.  And incorporating Charlotte’s poms.  ACK!  More pics to come on this.

Quality Time with the Mini

Of course I love my craft room, but it’s more than I thought it would be.  Charlotte absolutely loves it.  We spend so much time together in this room.  There’s lots of cracking jokes and telling stories.  Her favorite story right now is about going through an earthquake and trying to wake her sleeping daddy up.  He keeps hearing us saying wake up there’s cake instead of wake up there’s an earthquake.  And his response is I only eat cake while on vacation and then promptly falls back asleep.  She thinks it’s hilarious.

The only downside is she’s literally popping out 50+ ‘masterpieces’ a week.  I’ve had a few run-ins regarding artwork found in the trash.  What the hecko!  How did this get in here?!


The wrapping is a gift in itself…

It pains me to use ugly wrapping paper and ribbon.  Real, physical pain that I’d rather come up with some lame excuse as to why the present is unwrapped.  Back in the day, my mom used to make me practice wrapping gifts and tying bows.  I used to think she was crazy, but now I see the method to the madness.  Or as my husband says, you are crazy just like your mama.  LOL.

I easily have 60+ rolls of wrapping paper, thousands of yards of ribbon, gift tags for every occasion… and that’s about as far as I’m willing to estimate.  No need to put a value on this.  Before I buy a gift, I factor in the wrap-ability.  I’ve passed up on gifts before if I can’t figure out how to wrap it.  And all this will be passed down to Charlotte.  😉

Here she is — picked out the wrapping and tape all on her own.

IMG_3883IMG_3884IMG_3885ACS_0054 2


The Journey Begins…

I’m a craft addict – you name the poison, I’ve dabbled in it. I would call it in general as being your average crafter. When I told my husband that I was considering calling this blog the Average Crafter, he laughed. He said no way that I was your average crafter. I have too much in supplies and I make way too much junk (I’m inserting a much nicer word than was used). And that’s what he was missing. Your average crafter is not your average anything else. Your average crafter is someone who legitimately crafts a ton of stuff, but isn’t an expert in any area. We can look at something and have a good idea of how to make it. It won’t look amazing, but it’ll look pretty darn close and good enough.

But I’ve moved on from being your average crafter. I’ve had a lot of practice since my daughter Charlotte started pre-school. There were little projects, a ton of gifts for teachers all year round, school parties, birthday parties, birthday gifts … and I’ve come to realize most things are beautiful (at least in my eyes), but unfortunately incredibly useless. LOL. Does Charlotte and her friends need personalized trucker hats? No, but yes? Cause the world needs to see a bunch of 3-4 yr olds in matching trucker hats. Does Charlotte and her friends need personalized cheer bows? No, but yes? Seriously, little heads with big bows.

So lots of practice, a beautiful craft room full of supplies, and a love for making things … where does this take me? A blog to document all the crafts that I make, that I make with my daughter (who so far has shown a love for crafts), and maybe something to pass on to her daughter. I hope that one day Charlotte comes to the realization that we spent a lot of time together making beautiful things and that was my way of showing her how much I love her, love spending time with her, and love all our talks. And along the way, if I can convert some peeps into crafters then I’ve made the world a better place.

Happy crafting – An