It’s been a very long journey to finally get to this point where I’m able to combine the things I love and still call it work:

  • I love to create. I’m constantly seeing things and thinking I can do that! It’s challenging, fun, and rewarding when it’s all done. Even if it ends up costing triple the amount than just buying it, right? LOL. The journey is worth every penny.
  • I love to teach. Typically I teach/tutor Math. It’s a tough subject and by the time I meet the student, there have been many tears and many, many upset nights. So it’s not always the best start to a relationship, but it’s definitely worth the effort. There is always that ‘a-ha’ moment when it all clicks for a student (all the frustration is gone and a sense of accomplishment is shining through) that really keeps me going and feeling inspired. 

But teaching a crafting workshop, I get to bypass the hard work of making Math fun and relatable. We all just skip to the middle part of having fun creating/crafting and at the end walk away with something that WE MADE! Every workshop has been meticulously planned out to show all the tips and tricks with the purpose of you being able to do this at home again and again. It’s an intimate setting for 10-12 people max. It’s the perfect size to watch, learn, and create with ample opportunities for individual time/feedback. No crafting experience or tools needed, just come ready to have fun.

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